Measurement/Metrology Software

Bespoke surface measurement software development

Our in-house non-contact surface measurement systems such as the Proscan 2100 and Proscan 2D each have specifically developed software to allow easy and efficient use of the instrument. However, in some instances, it is necessary to develop bespoke software for additional, custom applications.

In these instances, Scantron can provide bespoke surface measurement and metrology software. Using our extensive experience and expertise, we work very closely with customers and partners to identify critical requirements for application-specific metrology software for a range of uses including:

  • Defect detection and measurement
  • Process control
  • Flatness and shape measuring
  • Batch measurement of parts
  • Edge detection and dimensional measurement

Operation-specific metrology software

Our bespoke software can perform complex and operation-specific measurement task in a single button press. By taking this approach, the operator’s task is made quicker and easier and the subjectivity of the operation is removed. A report or result can then be generated with a colour-coded go/no-go filter to help the operator make a decision.

We can work with you to either develop special software for a standard Scantron system, or for a completely novel measurement system built specifically for your application.

Case study: Our Crossbow surface measurement software was developed to automatically locate the edge of strip/board products, and measure width, edge condition, bow, maximum height, ISO roughness and more… all with one button press. The display and software protocols can be tailored to a specific customer’s needs and their product shape.

A few examples of standard Scantron non-contact surface measurement software are given below.

  Gauge TypeApplication
ProscanFull 3D profilometry and surface measurement software
Proscan 2DMeasurement of height, width, roughness etc. in one direction on long, flat products
ProformWear and erosion measurement for dental abrasivity testing
LinescanRapid batch measurement of thin films
MasterTrakFor online measurement of width, thickness and profile with customisable features such as online comparison to the CAD model of insulation panels

Please contact us to find out more about our bespoke measurement software development services.