Laser Speed and Length Measurement

Non-contact doppler speed and length gauges for accurate line monitoring or cut-to-length control

If you’re searching for non-contact Doppler laser speed and length measurement solutions, you can trust Scantron to provide a tailored, bespoke solution specifically for your application. We use market-leading products from best in class manufacturers and custom develop bespoke solutions for clients on an as needed basis.

inteliSENS non-contact speed and length measurement gauges

Proton’s range of inteliSENS non-contact Doppler speed and length measurement gauges offer a range of operational profiles for varying product speeds and thickness. Doppler speed and length gauges give accurate measurement of speed and length for industrial or commercial applications where contact with the product is not desirable. Wheel encoders can be prone to wear, dirt accumulation and slippage resulting in inaccuracies in some instances, leading to product giveaway.

For some materials, marking of the surface through contact can also create defective product and create wastage. By measuring in a non-contact manner, our systems are immune to slippage and ‘jumping’. The Proton inteliSENS gauges therefore offer a direct replacement for encoder wheels or tachyometers.

The gauges can be equipped with many options, including built-in or standalone operator displays, various communications interfaces* for connection to PLC, protective compressed air windows, environmental housing units, cooling systems for use in high temperature environments, and anti-vibration mounting points to facilitate easy integration.

For products moving at moderate or high speed in one direction with no pauses or changes in direction, the miniSL or SL gauge is the most cost-effective solution. For products which may move at ‘creep’ speed, which will stop mid-production, or which will be wound backwards, the miniSLR or SLR (reversible) gauge is required.

Applications include cut-to-length control for saws and shears, measurement of cut part length, batch counting, line speed verification and more.

Gauge selection for non-contact speed and length measurement

The choice between a mini and ‘full-size’ gauge depends on the measurement range required, output triggers needed, and the amount of space available for installation. Product measuring ranges from 20 mm to 2000 mm are available. For many applications, the mini InteliSENS gauges offer a highly competitive and accurate solution in the smallest sensor housing on the market. We will be able to advise you on the measuring range and operating distance of system that is appropriate for your application, and optimise its output once installed in your line. Please enquire for more advice, or to ask for a demonstration or material test.

*Standard output is RS232, Ethernet and Proton CANbus, with options of DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP.

  Gauge TypeApplication
SLmini Unidirectional speed and length measurement
SL Unidirectional speed and length measurement including large standoff distances
SLRmini Zero speed and bidirectional speed and length measurement
SLR Zero speed and bidirectional speed and length measurement including large standoff distances

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