Non-contact speed and length measurement in any production environment

Traditional contact wheel and roller devices are no longer the best way to measure speed and length in a production environment. For measuring speed or cut to length control for continuous product, our InteliSENS range of non-contact laser Doppler gauges offer a non-contact, zero slippage measurement solution suitable for use in many industries.

Scantron has numerous products and solutions available for non-contact, unidirectional speed and length measurement – and an experienced team able to devise bespoke Doppler speed and length solutions in line with your specific requirements, regardless of industry or product type.

Common products measured using the laser Doppler speed and length measurement include items such as wire, paper, building or construction materials and plastic film. In many cases, the gauges act as a direct replacement for an encoder wheel, which may be prone to slippage, issues such as vibration, wear or dirt/grease accumulation. This results in a low cost of ownership and no need for recalibration. What’s more, it also facilitates a more precise and accurate production process, reduces wastage and ensures the maximum material yield.

The technology is proven for use in the steel and metals industry, for fabric production, gypsum and plasterboard line control, and many others. The sensors can also be used to measure and count the length of discrete parts after production.

Industry leading Doppler laser measurement

The InteliSENS gauges are robustly engineered and are offered with an industry-leading suite of mounting, environmental protection and application-matched designs – including standoff distances up to 2.5m for applications such as hot metal, and a range of ‘mini’ compact form factor gauges for integration into tight spaces or alongside other measuring devices. Various communications can be equipped to connect the sensors to PLCs.

Environmental enclosures can be supplied with integrated or standalone air-wipe windows, water and vortex air cooling, single or double heat baffles double-wall heavy duty housing. Air filtration units can be provided to remove oil, moisture and dust from compressed air.

If you’d like more information about our speed and length measurement products and solutions, get in touch.