Non-contact profilometry for dental abrasion and wear analysis

Scantron is a long-time provider of non-contact measurement solutions to the dental industry. We develop cutting-edge products that help laboratories and technicians around the world to measure erosion, abrasion, attrition and roughness.

Developing the Proscan 2100

Among the first applications of the Proscan 2100, and its previous incarnations the Proscan 1000 and 2000, was non-contact profilometry using white light for analysis of dental abrasion and wear. Proscan systems have been supplied all around the world for this application and are widely used in dental laboratories today.

The Proscan system allows for quickly interchangeable sensors to adjust measuring range, giving optimal measurement on various surface types. It also needs minimal maintenance and recalibration, ensuring that it’s cost-effective as well as being accurate and efficient.

The Proform was developed specifically for erosion analysis after reciprocating wear tests. The sample is measured before and after the sample has been exposed to wear in a wear rig.  The software aligns the two scans and performs a mathematical best fit differential analysis of the two scans to calculate volume loss and maximum depth.

For more information on the Proscan 2100 system, visit the Proscan 2100 dental page.

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