Atlas Triangulation Sensor


Miniaturised laser triangulation sensor for compact environments

The ATLAS Series of miniaturised laser triangulation sensors are compact, accurate sensors for measurement of displacement, distance or height, or thickness when combined in pairs.

The intelligent signal processing controls exposure of the CCD array and laser power in real time, resulting in excellent dynamic behaviour regardless of varying colour, reflectivity or texture of the target, making them a solid choice for integration for online or offline measurements.

The ATLAS sensors are compact and lightweight with an extremely high resolution and high rates of precision on most surface types. Depending on your needs, Scantron can also provide supporting software for data collection and visualisation.

Non-contact surface measurement applications

ATLAS miniaturised lasers can be used in a number of different compact environments across a multitude of applications. Uses include non-contact surface measurement of flatness and straightness, multi-track differential thickness measurement and face profile measurement of coils.


  • 4 kHz measurement
  • Repeatability from 1 µm, depending on model
  • Uncertainty from 2 µm, depending on model
  • Measuring ranges available 10, 40 100 mm
  • Standoff distances 25, 60, 100 mm
  • RS485 output, convertible to Ethernet/USB/other
  • Wavelength 670 nm
  • IP67 enclosure
  • Analogue output available
  • Condition range 0-40 °C, non-condensing humidity

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TypeMeasuring Range (mm)Offset (mm)Repeatability (μm)Measurement uncertainty (Accuracy) [μm]* / %**
Atlas 101025± 1±2 / 0,02
Atlas 403060± 3±6 / 0,015
Atlas 100100100± 10±15 / 0,015

* derived from DIN 32877, average from 64 single valves ** % of measuring range

Technical Data
Laser type, wavelengthDiode, 670nm, red
Laser power1mW
Laser class2
Sampling frequencyparameterisable, up to 4KHz
Interfacesanalog 4 … 20mA (galv. separated), digital RS485 (optically isolated)
Interface modulesRS232 ASCII, Ethernet UDP, Profibus DP
Power supply18 …. 30VDC, <250mA
Enclosure ratingIP 67
Dimensions (LxWxH)80mm × 65mm × 32mm
Weightca. 250g
Ambient conditions0 … 40°C / 35 … 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing
  • Extremely high resolution (down to 0.04μm/0.002μinch)
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Fast measurement rate (up to 10kHz)
  • Very high precision on virtually all surfaces
  • Versatile interface options
  • Programmable filter functions

Additional interface modules are available for:

  • RS232 ASCII
  • Ethernet UDP
  • Profibus DP

We offer software for data collection, visualisation and documentation. For archiving it can be provided with a SQL database or it can be linked to existing customer databases. Software versions are available for distance measuring with single sensor to multi-track measurement of thickness, profile or flatness and for profile measurement with traversing sensors.