Glass/Plastic Thickness Measurement

Glass and plastic thickness measurements

With almost four decades at the head of the non-contact surface measurement industry, Scantron is the accepted authority in glass and plastic thickness measurement.  We can facilitate on or offline measurement of sheet or film thickness for single or multilayer transparent materials.

This is something we often assist our customers with, given the nature of the many specialised industries we work with and the multiple applications within. What’s more, we are adept at creating custom non-contact thickness measurement for a range of materials, to better serve specific environments and product types.

Scantron can offer technology to accurately measure thickness of thin transparent film, clear medical tubes, glass components and similar materials, both online or offline. For example, we can provide systems to help clients monitor extrusion thickness of polymer packaging material or wall thickness and concentricity of tubes. Even multilayer material thickness can be measured, for example in glass layered heads-up displays or complex multilayer food packaging materials with Scantron products. For more about this application, please visit our dedicated flat and multi-layered materials measurement information page.

Cross-sectional profiling of round products

Using multiple interferometric measuring heads combined with an outer diameter measurement system such as an Aeroel laser micrometer, it is possible to obtain a complete cross-sectional profile of round products to inform on concentricity, wall thickness, inner and outer diameter. You can find out more about this and specific solutions for online wall thickness, tube diameter and concentricity measurement on our dedicated plastic, rubber and glass tubes measurement page.

Between 4 and 8 measurement heads can be positioned around the circumference of the product. Alternatively, a rapid non-contact offline inspection can be achieved for many products with a range of benchtop fixturing approaches available.

These systems and sensors can accurately measure coatings, treatments, sheets and films from a few µm to several mm in thickness, with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

 Plastic, Rubber and Glass TubeWall thickness, inner diameter, outer diameter or concentricity of tubes and round products
 Flat and Multiilayered MaterialsThickness of sheets, films or assemblies
 Offline Tube and Sheet MeasurementOptimised for rapid offline inspection of finished product