POLARIS precision laser triangulation gauge for the steel/metals industry

Scantron is an established supplier of the POLARIS series, high-precision, robust and flexible laser sensors which were designed specifically for use within the demanding steels and metal industry.

The POLARIS Series of triangulation sensors are highest-precision laser sensors available for measurement of displacement, distance or height, width or thickness when combined in pairs.

The intelligent signal processing controls exposure of the CCD array and laser power in real time, resulting in excellent dynamic behaviour regardless of varying colour, reflectivity or texture of the target, making them a solid choice for integration for online or offline measurements.

Precision measurement

The POLARIS series uses the triangulation principle to offer very quick, very precise non-contact surface measurement across a number of considerations, including displacement, width, thickness, flatness and completeness.

The LAP laser sensor can measure several quantities, handle several variables and deal with several values, making it useful across a number of applications. These include measuring of sag and buffer loop, thickness measurement against the roll, and multi-track differential thickness measurement for strip, web and boards.


  • 4 kHz measurement
  • Repeatability from 0.4 µm, depending on model
  • Uncertainty from 1 µm, depending on model
  • Measuring ranges available 10, 30, 70, 130, 250 and 400 mm
  • Standoff distances 50, 100, 190, 220, 380 and 440 mm respectively
  • RS485 output, convertible to Ethernet/USB/other
  • Wavelength 670 nm
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Condition range 0-40 °C, non-condensing humidity

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Measuring Range (mm)Stand Off (mm)Resolution (μm)Repeatability (μm)Linearity (μm)
Polaris 1010510.2± 0.47
Polaris 30301000.5± 120
Polaris 70701901± 1.545
Polaris 1301302202± 385
Polaris 2502503804± 7150
Polaris 4004004406± 10250
General Data
Laser type, wavelengthDiode, 670 nm (red)
Laser power, class1mW, 2
Measuring frequencyup to 4KHz
InterfacesRS485, Analogue 4-20mA 112 bit resolution
Interface ModulesRS232 ASCII, Ethernet UDP, Profibus DP
Power supply24VDC, 100mA
Enclosure ratingIP 65
Dimensions39 x 109 x 168mm
Operating conditions0 – 40°C / 35 – 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing
  • Extremely high resolution (down to 0.2μm/7.9μin)
  • Self-contained, compact housing
  • Fast measurement (up to 4kHz)
  • Very high precision on virtually all surfaces
  • CCD line array with powerful built-in DSP
  • Programmable filter functions
  • Flexible interfacing options
  • Bar material (endless/piece): distance, width, thickness, straightness, longitudinal profile, cross profile.
  • Web material and boards: distance, width, thickness, flatness, longitudinal profile, cross profile, sag
  • Materials on drums: diameter, face profile
  • Other examples: position, alignment, deflection, sag, concentricity, clearance, runout

Polaris Applications

  • Adjustable sensor mounting bracket
  • Discrete outputs (2), opto-isolated, programmable
  • Individual measuring distances and ranges on customer request
  • Air purging housing to keep sensors clean and cool
  • Customer-specific software
  • Panel and large displays