Antaris Laser Measurement


ANTARIS Long standoff laser triangulation sensor for hot applications

The ANTARIS Series of triangulation sensors is built for long-standoff measurement, such as where the measurement target is extremely hot – for example, hot profile or flatness measurement on hot steel strip. The intelligent signal processing controls exposure of the CCD array and laser power in real time, resulting in excellent dynamic behaviour regardless of varying colour, reflectivity or texture of the target, making them a solid choice for integration for online or offline measurements.

Laser measurement sensors can be customised, with the ANTARIS BAND giving a short line rather than measuring spot. Typically, long standoff laser triangulation sensors are used to measure flatness, straightness, length, width, height and displacement in the metals industry.


  • 4 kHz measurement
    • Repeatability from 0.4 µm, depending on model
    • Uncertainty from 1 µm, depending on model
    • Measuring ranges available from 350 to 4000 mm
    • Standoff distances from 620 to 1550 mm respectively
    • RS485 output, convertible to Ethernet/USB/other
    • Wavelength 670 nm
    • IP65 enclosure
    • Condition range 0-40 °C, non-condensing humidity

If you would  like more information about using the ANTARIS laser measurement system or available options, contact us.

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Measuring range, stand off and accuracy are variable and will be optimised

Antaris SMeasuring Range (mm)Offset (mm)Repeatability (μm)Measurement uncertainty (accuracy) [μm]* / %**
Antaris 350350620± 50± 140 / 0.04
Antaris 800800500± 100± 320 / 0.04
Antaris 12501250750± 150± 500 / 0.04

* derived from DIN 32877, average from 64 single values **% of measuring range

Antaris LMeasuring Range (mm)Offset (mm)Repeatability (μm)Measurement uncertainty (accuracy) [μm]* / %**
Antaris 500500890± 70± 200 / 0.04
Antaris 100010001000± 130± 400 / 0.04
Antaris 200020001300± 260± 800 / 0.04
Antaris 400040001550± 520± 1600 / 0.04
Technical Data
Laser type, wavelengthDiode, 680nm, red
Laser power1mW (optional 3 … 7mW)
Laser class2 (hight power 3R, 3B)
Sampling frequencyup to 4kHz
InterfacesAnalog 4 … 20mA (galv. separated), digital RS 485 (optically isolated
Power supply18 … 30VDC, <250mA
Enclosure ratingIP 65
Dimemsions (LxWxH)ANTARIS S: 320mm c 200mm x 124mm
ANTARIS L: 560mm x 200mm x 124mm
Weight (incl. bracket)S:ca. 9.8kg L:ca. 13.4kg
Ambient conditions0 … 40⁰C, 35 … 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing
measurement Types Triangulation Sensors

Width Measurement

Length Measurement

Length Measurement

The ANTARIS sensors operate according to the triangulation method. A laser beam emitted from the sensor creates a visible spot on the surface of the measured object. Depending on the distance, a CCD line scan camera besides the laser ”views” this spot under varying angles. Using this angle and the known distance of laser and camera, the Digital Signal Processor computes the distance between the sensor and the measured object.

In contrast to conventional laser sensors, LAP ANTARIS sensors combine a high resolution CCD line scan camera with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide pure digital acquisition and processing of measured values. Sophisticated design using proprietary engineered materials ensures the highest stability without temperature drift and provides shock resistance for use in harsh industrial environments.

Camber Measurement

Camber Measurement

Side Profile

Side Profile

  • RS232 ASCII
  • Ethernet UDP
  • Profibus DP
  • Air purging housing to keep sensors clean and cool
  • Customer-specific software
  • Panel and large displays
  • Special optical systems for hot and red-hot materials
  • Measuring frames
Air Purge HousingAir Purge Housing

This additional housing protects ANTARIS laser measurement sensors from dust, dirt and temperature influence. Airflow should be produced by a fan; compressed air is not the first choice. Depending on ambient conditions, the airflow can be heated to prevent fogging and icing or cooled to increase the lifespan of the sensor, especially the laser diode. Contact us to discuss ANTARIS options specific to your needs.