Scantron’s surface measurement devices have been innovated to cater to a market where precise technical information is required on any given surface. Our surface measurement devices include the Proscan 2D which can provide advanced data on strips or boards of varying dimensions. This is easily achieved at the push of the button. Proscan 2D is particularly useful when profiling gypsum, panels of various materials, metal strips and plaster board. The Proscan 2D can quickly analyse and store data on board width, height, bow, flatness and surface roughness. This data can be used for technical specifications, to inform manufacturing or to guide design decisions. The machine can also automatically detect and measure edges at bespoke widths that suit your products dimensions, profile and type.

The Proscan 2D itself is built to very high standards and is suited to any laboratory or factory floor, with its rugged granite structure.  Accurate, innovative and comprehensive surface measurement is a priority for Scantron and the Proscan 2D supersedes traditional methods of measuring materials.

Online width measurement is key for many industries where surface performance and appearance is imperative. Such materials include profiled panels, foam and insulating materials. The Proscan MasterTrak utilises non-contact measurement techniques to ensure accurate and practical profiling of surfaces. The MasterTrak system can measure and analyse the top, bottom and side profile of panels and boards to supply key information on their surfaces.

With real-time feedback, operators can use the MasterTrak system to inform manufacturing and design decisions within the factory or laboratory. The MasterTrak’s sophisticated surface measurement system can be tailored to many applications and with the ability to input custom geometry settings, it can be used to measure very specific products.

All in all, this highly intelligent surface measurement system can provide complete and accurate data on width, thickness, edge condition, surface information and profile.

The MasterTrak also self-calibrates and remasters itself to enable it to cope with prolonged use with minimal maintenance. It’s an innovation in surface measurement engineering and can easily supersede traditional techniques of measuring and analysing surfaces.