Non-contact height, thickness and width measurement

Scantron has been providing non-contact measurement of thickness and width profile across a range of applications since 1981. Our years of experience mean we’re perfectly placed to both recommend gauges and sensors to suit your intended application, as well as design bespoke solutions for non-contact measurement of height/thickness across a multitude of industries.

The thickness of continuous flat products is a key factor in performance and weight-to-length ratio, for applications like fabric, metal strip, gypsum board, foil or paper.

With a comprehensive product portfolio, Scantron can offer various systems for accurate online thickness measurement of these product types regardless of production environment.

Turnkey thickness measurement

The CALIX sensor offers a turnkey thickness measurement solution using twinned highly accurate laser triangulation sensors. The system comprises a thermally stable inner core and subframe suspended inside its robust outer housing, so the distance between the sensors is maintained with protection from vibration and thermal shifts.

Two sizes of the CALIX gauge are available depending on the width of the product to be measured. The system allows for continuous measurement to be carried out with a dedicated operator software. More information on CALIX online thickness measurement is available here.

Turnkey thickness measurement with profile capacity

Scantron’s MasterTrak system combines the thickness measurement principle of the CALIX with the capacity to measure thickness, width and/or profile of the target material to provide online feedback to inform operators or provide process automation.

The MasterTrak can be  customised to tailor it to a specific production requirement. Applications for the MasterTrak have included insulation foam, profiled panels, flat extrusion, thin foam, strip and screen print production.

The system can provide complete measurement and tolerance comparison on width, thickness, profile, edge condition and more, with the geometry of the system tailored to your production requirements.

MasterTrak also features a self-calibrating technology and several engineering innovations to maximise stability of the frame and minimise thermal drift.

Please contact us to discuss your needs or visit our MasterTrak page for more information.