Flatness and shape measurement for strip products

The flatness of a metal strip and sheet product is critical to the final quality of the product, regardless of the intended end use or industry.

Any residual stresses in the sheet resulting from asymmetry of the rolling process can result in distortion of shape; this causes edge or centre buckle and will degrade the quality of the end product. It will also negatively impact quality control and material wastage, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies throughout the production line.

Non-contact shape measurement of strip products using the Proscan Magnum

The Proscan Magnum is a system purposefully designed for the aluminium lithographic industry. Scantron supplies this system to sheet producers all around the world. Comprising a large granite table with exceptional flatness and stability, with an integrated rapid scanning laser gantry, it quickly and repeatedly measures shape, flatness and dimensions on sheets over 2 metres in length with rapid data capture and reporting. Air release grooves can be machined into the table’s surface depending on the product’s specification and relaxation time.

The Proscan Magnum can also be modified to measure flatness on flat or profiled panels and boards, by using a laser sensor with a larger measuring range and standoff distance.

See the Proscan Magnum page for more information about this system and its applications measuring flatness.

Offline measurement of strip and board flatness

Automated and reproducible offline measurement of strip or board flatness in one orientation can be quickly and easily achieved with the Proscan 2D surface profilometer.

Ideal for applications like gypsum, plaster board, conveyor flatness, panel and metal strip, the Proscan 2D allows quick and repeatable analysis and storage of data related to width, height, bow, flatness and roughness. It also has the capacity for automatic edge detection and a tailored width to suit your product profile and dimensions.

The Proscan 2D is a perfect fit for the lab or factory floor owing to its robust frame. For more information on the Proscan 2D system, visit our Proscan 2D page.

14 Tonne Proscan Magnum Packing and Shipping

Our largest machine to date. 12 tonnes of granite, the steel frame and all of its added mechanical and electronic parts being removed from our manufacturing facility, packed into a seaworthy crate and then finally being loaded on to the back of the wagon to start its long journey to India.

Proscan Magnum

Our new Proscan Magnum with linear drives covering a scanning area of 4m x 2.5m