Line Lasers

Scantron is dedicated to providing the best, top-of-the-range products available to enhance production and ensure safety and precision in all practices. We supply a wide range of line lasers that are essential for perfect alignment, projection and placement. Built for industrial environments, you know that you are working with reliable and robust products that can be trusted to complete any and all tasks that are required. The Xtralign lasers have been adopted worldwide and are used in the steel industry by leading companies including TATA Steel, ArcelorMittal and Voestalpine.

As a visual aid, you will not find a more accurate product for your operators when working to align workpieces, machines or cutting apparatus. Other proven applications include sawmills, automotive, tyres, stone, concrete, product assembly lines, sensing material irregularity, plastics, metal construction and food.

This selection of line lasers is ideal to be used in demanding industrial situations without failure by being crafted using robust and durable material, and is offered in a variety of configurations including fixed focus, focusable, with various mounting positions and available opening angles line of up to 80°.

With such reliability and excellent track record of success, our line lasers are the ideal addition to your visual aid needs when seeking out absolute precision during projects. The line lasers come complete with long lifetime and two-year warranty to demonstrate product assurance.