Displacement / Distance Sensors

Scantron are able to offer a range of distance measurement solutions based on varying technologies. With distances ranging from <1mm to over 100m, we can provide a suitable sensor for your distance or displacement requirements.

Sensor TypeApplication
LAP ATLASLaser triangulation with short standoff (10 to 100mm)
LAP POLARISLaser triangulation with typical standoff (10 to 400mm)
LAP ANTARISLaser triangulation with long standoff (350 to 4000mm) for hot materials
Philtec Fibre Optic Displacement SensorsMeasurement over very small distances for low clearance applications
Scantron SLSVery long standoff measurement up to 30 metres

Options Available:Comparison Table – Sensor Type

Distance (mm)TechnologyOutputComments
0.76~75Fibre Optic SensorsAnalogue: 4~20mA
Digital: RS232 or USB
Electronics separate to sensor tip
D series: output proportional to the target gap and also proportional to changes in reflectivity of the target surface
RC series: output signal proportional to the target gap only
10~4,000Laser TriangulationAnalogue: 4~20mA
RC series: output signal proportional to the target gap only
Enclosed package
100~>30,000Phase comparisonRS232, RS422 or RS485Enclosed package
  • Connectorised systems available to allow for replacement tips and vacuum pass-through
  • Cable jacketing options available offering environmental protection
  • Longer cable lengths available on request
  • Additional outputs
  • Low & high frequency amplifiers
  • Digital display
  • Low noise amplifier
  • Adjustable dc offset
  • Blue light source for hot surfaces
  • Tip designs & materials available on request
  • Sensor amplifier
  • Sapphire window for high pressure applications

*not all options available for all sensors