Non-contact Inline thickness measurement

The CALIX series is a non-contact measuring system, particularly designed to assure process and quality control of flat products.  These thickness measuring systems replace complicated adjustments from distance sensors and measuring frame.  CALIX systems are easy to install and to operate – each unit is calibrated and linearised during factory certification.

The quick and precise functioning of the measuring system allows higher productivity due to maximum production speed.  Exact values, the highest possible accuracy despite the environment, as well as the easy handling, are the distinguishing characteristics of the CALIX.

The CALIX is offered in different sizes, measuring ranges and depths according to the respective requirements of the industry.  In addition, a traversing solution to move the CALIX on fixed rails and thus measure the complete profile of the products, is available as an option.  Independent of measuring range and depths, CALIX systems provide precise measurements on almost all materials.


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TypeMeasuring range [mm]Measuring depth a [mm]Throat depth b [mm]Throat height [mm]Resolution [μm]Repeatability [μm]Linearity [μm]Dimensions [L x W x H]Weight [kg]
CALIX S 10102503002000.2± 0.35± 2.5623 x 164 x 511ca. 20
CALIX S 30302503002000.5± 1± 7.5623 x 164 x 511ca. 20
CALIX XL 3030107013002000.5± 0.5± 2800 x 300 x 1645ca. 230
Technical Data
Laser class2 (3B)
Laser type, wavelengthDiode, 670nm, red
Sampling frequencyup to 4kHz
InterfacesEthernet, RS485,TCP/IP, UDP via external gateway
Power supply24VDC, max 500mA
Ambient conditions0 … 40 o C, 35 … 85% rel. humidity, non condensing
Enclosure ratingIP 65
  • The measuring system is able to perform a calibration during production to ensure the desired measurement result.
  • CALIX achieves leading accuracy in the market at comparable measuring ranges.
  • The system can be used in harsh environments with material temperatures upto 200⁰c


  • Strip thickness
  • Edge thickness
  • Thickness profile
  • Wedge, cambering


  • Process monitoring in real time
  • Checks dimensions and displays trends
  • Detection of dimensional defects
  • Rapid system feedback results in less scrap
  • Increased profit through narrower thickness tolerances

The CALIX series provides online optical thickness measurement for:

  • Pickling lines
  • Cold mills
  • Annealing lines
  • Temper/skin pass mills
  • Galvanizing and tinning lines
  • Organic coating lines
  • Inspection lines
  • Slitters

Depending on the task and width of the material, there are several ways to use CALIX:

  • single track measurement
  • one sensor traversing measurement
  • two sensors traversing measurement
  • multi-track measurement e.g. using three sensors

Guidance rails are customised for your application.  You may move CALIX:

  • manually and lock them in place at a measuring or maintenance position
  • by drive mechanism and lock them in different positions
  • automated to programmed positions
  • according to measurement programs for traversing or multi-track measurement