Online thickness measurement

For online thickness measurement, LAP’s CALIX series sensors offer a paired laser triangulation solution in a single housing on a thermally and mechanically stable C-frame. CALIX uses a differential thickness method, measuring displacement from each side of the frame to the target with very precisely pre-aligned and pre-calibrated sensors for ease of integration.

These sensors offer high accuracy and very easy integration with a plug-and-play Ethernet connection. Intelligent signal processing controls exposure of the CCD array and laser power in real time, resulting in excellent dynamic behaviour regardless of varying colour, reflectivity or texture of the target, making them a solid choice for integration for online or offline measurements.

The CALIX L uses an invar subframe, whereas the CALIX S uses a composite subframe with a thermally stable lay-up structure, allowing the unit to be lightweight and easily positioned within a product line. The CALIX S comes with either 10 or 30 mm measuring range, whereas the CALIX L comes with 30 mm range as standard.

A modern, effective solution

The CALIX range is an effective, efficient alternative to measuring frames. Unlike their traditional counterparts, CALIX online thickness measurement needs to recalibration or temperature control, making it a smart solution across a number of applications and environments.


LAP is a pioneer in laser technology and its CALIX range does not deviate from this:

  • 4 kHz synchronised measurement
  • Repeatability 0.35 µm for CALIX S10, 1 µm for CALIX S30, 1 µm for CALIX L
  • Resolution from 0.2 µm for CALIX S10, 0.5 µ for CALIX S30, 0.5 µm for CALIX L
  • Measuring ranges 10 or 30 mm (CALIX S), 30 mm (CALIX L)
  • Ethernet output
  • Wavelength 670 nm
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Analogue output available
  • Condition range 0-40 °C, non-condensing humidity

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TypeMeasuring range [mm]Measuring depth a [mm]Throat depth b [mm]Throat height [mm]Resolution [μm]Repeatability [μm]Linearity [μm]Dimensions [L x W x H]Weight [kg]
CALIX S 10102503002000.2± 0.35± 2.5623 x 164 x 511ca. 20
CALIX S 30302503002000.5± 1± 7.5623 x 164 x 511ca. 20
CALIX XL 3030102013002000.5± 0.5± 2800 x 300 x 1645ca. 230
Technical Data
Laser class2 (3B)
Laser type, wavelengthDiode, 670nm, red
Sampling frequencyup to 4kHz
InterfacesEthernet, RS485
Power supply24VDC, max 500mA
Ambient conditions0 … 40 o C, 35 … 85% rel. humidity, non condensing
Enclosure ratingIP 65
  • Material – with very low impact by temperature changes
  • Construction – very rigid with no internal stresses and can withstand processing line environments. I.e., Protection from dirt, steam, etc.
  • Result Dtot = constant
Absolute Measurement
  • No alloy compensation needed
  • No influence of surface properties
Factory Calibrated
  • At constant ambient temperature field calibration usually not necessary (ΔT < 5°C)
  • But if so, takes only a few seconds
  • Best calibration using rotating disk
  • Ethernet interface
  • Class 2 Lasers (1mW)
  • No NRC requirements
  • No X-ray or Gamma radiation
  • No high voltage electronics

The CALIX series provides online optical thickness measurement for:

  • Pickling lines
  • Cold mills
  • Annealing lines
  • Temper/skin pass mills
  • Galvanizing and tinning lines
  • Organic coating lines
  • Inspection lines
  • Slitters
  • Several measuring tracks per gauge housing
  • Air purging within gauge housing to keep sensors clean
  • Individual limb lengths