Online Shape, Profile and Thickness Measurement

Online shape, profile and thickness measurement solutions

Scantron has extensive experience in laser profile and shape measurement for superior process control and full characterisation of products.

With more than 35 years’ of know-how in non-contact shape, profile and thickness measurement, we have a wealth of mechanical engineering and industry expertise. Our services are often sought for the production of turnkey systems for online measurement of flatness, thickness, width or finish.

MasterTrak online measurement of top profile, length and thickness

The MasterTrak architecture uses multiple engineering innovations developed over decades to accommodate the effects of vibration, thermal drift and operational condition changes. Using LAP laser displacement gauges, we work in tandem with our customers to produce a tailored solution for any requirement and application, including developing custom laser profile and shape measurement tools for gypsum board, web products, thin foam, metal strip and insulation boards.

MasterTrak allows for true in-process operator feedback and data-logging of product dimensions. An operator station can be positioned on the production line and equipped with alarms or stops if critical tolerances are exceeded. Data from the product dimensions or cross-section can be shown live at the operator station for easy monitoring, with the display layout being fully customisable depending on the sensor configuration and desired product information. Numerical data can be colour-coded green, yellow or red by comparison to the product library tolerance data, to ensure an easy task for operators in the vicinity.

MasterTrak offers bespoke, tailored geometry, design and software application specific to your product – please call to enquire about application to your specific needs and material profiling.

MasterTrak Measurement Capability

  • Shape
  • Profile
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Defects
  • Edge condition
  Gauge Type  Application
 MasterTrak 1 Online measurement of top profile
 MasterTrak 2 Online measurement of width and/or thickness
 MasterTrak 4 Online measurement of width, thickness, top profile and edge profile
 MasterTrak Custom Any listed measurement
  Gauge TypeApplication
 CALIX S Online measurement of thickness
 CALIX XL Online measurement of centre point thickness for wide strip, etc.

For online thickness measurement, LAP’s CALIX series sensor offers a paired laser triangulation solution in a single housing on a thermally and mechanically stable C-frame. These sensors offer high accuracy and very easy integration with a plug-and-play Ethernet connection

Please contact us to find out more about our laser profile and shape measurement solutions.