Non-contact measurement for dental industry

Scantron is the world’s leading name in non-contact precision measurement for the dental industry. We’re the natural choice when it comes to precision measurement equipment purposefully created with a deep understanding of the unique needs of dentistry. Our dedicated solution includes patented technology and an effective, efficient process which works on both enamel and dentine.

The Proscan 2100 for the dental industry

Carefully developed for professionals working in dental laboratories and developing dentistry solutions, the Proscan 2100 is our first piece of equipment made specifically for the dental research industry. With a variety of sensors, it offers a superior scanning resolution capable of viewing individual tubules on the tooth’s surface.

The Proscan 2100 system is used in dental laboratories around the world for abrasivity and wear testing of dentifrice and toothpaste mixtures. What’s more, the volume analysis and ‘Proform’ software tools by Scantron make measurement of volumetric and linear wear quick and easy.

The Proscan 2100 can be used with multiple interchangeable sensors to evaluate any surface from lapped or polished enamel or dentine to complete typodont sets, making it a vital piece of equipment for those pushing the boundaries of dental science, working with patients to improve their oral care or manufacturing new dental products and patient solutions.

Scantron’s non-contact measurement for the dental industry is a market-leading solution offering precision, speed and ease of use. It’s reliable and accurate and backed by more than three decades of industry expertise.

If you require more information about Scantron’s solutions for dentistry, contact us to speak with a member of our team.