Proscan MasterTrak

Proscan Mastertrak: a complete online thickness or width measurement and control system

The acknowledged experts in non-contact surface measurement solutions for a range of industries, materials and applications, the Proscan MasterTrak brings together more than two decades of Scantron experience. It provides a complete online thickness or width measurement solution, used successfully in an array of material types and products, including furniture panels, acoustic insulation panels, MDF board, extruded plastics, roof tiles and steel slabs.

The Proscan MasterTrak uses a non-contact measurement technique to accurately measure the thickness or width profile of continuous or piece products as they are being produced. When used to measure thickness, the system can be supplied either to measure single or multiple points across the width of the product.

Accurate measurements in real time

The MasterTrak is capable of measuring accurately on materials such as soft, fragile, abrasive and many other types of product where traditional contact methods have proved not to be effective. Even in industries where traditional contact methods have been used successfully the Proscan MasterTrak offers a more reliable measurement with less maintenance.

Proscan MasterTrak is a real time thickness or width monitor, displaying absolute dimensions to the process line operator. In addition, the system logs every measurement, enabling detailed statistical reports to be produced. The Proscan MasterTrak has the option available for proportional feedback control for automatically regulating the process to maintain the correct dimensions.

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Sensor ModelMeasuring rangeStand-off mmResolutionLinearity
(% +/- of range)


The sensor naming convention is generally as follow:

First letter – S stands for Spectral (sometimes called chromatic or white light sensor)

First letter – L stands for Laser triangulation sensor

First number – i.e. 5, represents the distance from the target (stand off) in mm that the sensor needs to be at in order to take measurements

Second number – i.e. 2, is the measureing range in mm of the sensor

Hence, an S5/03 sensor is a spectral type sensor with a 5mm stand off and a 300 micron measuring range.


Other sensors are available. Please contact us for alternative ranges.

The Scantron Proscan MasterTrack provides:

  • Real time numeric and graphic display of thickness or width
  • On screen pre-alarm and alarm condition indication
  • Measurement results archived to database
  • Dynamic proportional process control via increase & decrease output channels
  • Product library
  • Statistical summary report
  • Productivity database
  • Multiple input & output interfaces
  • Single or multiple track versions
  • Improved quality: the Proscan MasterTrak will become an important part of your quality control system ensuring 100% dimensional logging and control
  • Low maintenance: the Proscan MasterTrak has no contact with the product resulting in very little maintenance being required
  • Cost saving: reducing scrap, manning and better control of the process will result in significant cost savings with typically the investment in the Proscan MasterTrak being recovered in just a few months
Application ThicknessWidth
Acoustic insulation products
Battery plates
Bedding foam products
Building bricks
Concrete blocks
Extruded plastic
Fire retardant board
Furniture panels
Glass-wool insulation material
Laminated products
MDF board
Metal plates or slabs
Metal strip
Mineral wool width
Particle board
Polystyrene extrusion width
Polyurethane extrusion width
Profile of polystyrene insulation products
Roofing panels & building panels
Roof tiles
Rubber extrusion
Steel Slabs
Thermal insulation boards
Thermal insulation materials
Thermal insulation products
Thickness & profile of polyurethane foam products
Wood products

MasterTrak 1
A single sensor measures the surface profile of an online product

MasterTrak 2
A pair of measuring sensors, one above and one below, measure the dimension of the product as it passes between them.

MasterTrak 4
Four measuring sensors measure the dimension and/or diameter of the product that passes between them.