Flat and Multi-layered Materials

Non-contact measurement of transparent or translucent material thickness

If you need to perform non-contact interferometric measurement of transparent or translucent film thickness, Scantron’s expert solutions can be used both on or offline.

With a 1.8 – 4 mm measurement range, our flat multi-layered materials non-contact surface measurement systems come with easy to use software and have a number of applications.

The thickness of transparent or semi-transparent polymer sheets and membranes can be measured online using state-of-the-art interferometric technology with a single point sensor, a multi-track system, or scanning sensors. It is even possible to measure the thickness of complex multilayer materials and thin films, such as those used for food packaging purposes, diffusion barriers, protective wrapping, or medical films.

Low Coherence Interferometry

Scantron’s non-contact measuring system for flat multi-layered materials is based on low coherence interferometry – the latest measuring solution available on the market to optically measure thickness of samples with complex structures.

Layers of different materials generate an optical reflection at the interfaces owing to the difference in the refractive index of each layer, or air gap. The optical head collects all the reflections that are mixed together with embedded optics; the resulting signal will contain information about the position of each reflection. The signal processing carried out by the software allows the reconstruction of the material through-profile.

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  • Measurement range 1.8 – 4 mm
  • Axial resolution 2.1 – 7.3 µm
  • Measuring rate 250 Hz
  • Scantron non-contact interferometric measurement of transparent or translucent film thickness can be carried out with an offline or online setup
  • Measurement of monolayer or multilayer glass or polymer sheet thickness
  • Depth reconstruction and visualisation of product cross-section through multiple layers
  • Data-logging for product
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Coating thickness (i.e. polymer coatings and vaneers)
  • Multilayer sheet thickness (i.e. food packaging)
  • Flat or tapered sheet thickness analysis

Various sensors and set-ups are available depending on desired information and product dimensions. Please enquire by phone or email to discuss specific requirements.