Contour Check

Inline laser light sectioning measurement

CONTOUR CHECK is an inline laser light sectioning measurement system that collects all dimensions of several profiles and is able to detect production failures during the rolling process. It provides on-line measurement of hot or cold tube, rods and bars including automated identification of rolling defects and surface defects.

It consists of several laser light sectioning sensors mounted in a steel frame construction. The frame and the sensors are flushed with air to maintain thermal stability and a dust and dirt free environment.

The data evaluation is done with the included RDMS CC Software. The whole system is designed to withstand harsh conditions with dust, dirt and humidity. It is able to work under mechanical and thermal influences that normally occur in rolling mills.

Dimension and defect control

The purpose of CONTOUR CHECK is the control of dimensions and detection of rolling defects during the production process of long products. The measured data is visualised and rolling defects are reported with size and category to the user. Beside periodically occurring rolling defects also one time defects can be detected.

CONTOUR CHECK is key to quality control and process optimisation. The real-time laser profile measurement solution is manufactured by LAP, a long-time Scantron supplier. It facilitates fast and precise adjustment, with patented technology for precise measurement of rods and rounds with rolling and surface defect control.

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Amount of sensors (standard version)444
Measurement frequency340-2000Hz340-2000Hz340-2000Hz
Measurement range45mm90mm180mm

The above shown values are preliminary. Application specific details have to be considered. The actual and application specific accuracy values for customer projects will be confirmed after detailed verification of the application details.

standard-squareStandard: square profile (squares, flat products)
hexagonStandard: round, hexagon profile (wire, steel bars, rebars, pipes)
contour-optionalOptional: H profile (dual T-Beam)
contour-optional-300Optional: U profile
optional-lOptional: L profile, Z profile
optional-t-railOptional: T profile, rail profile
  • High accuracy and measurement frequency
  • Intuitive software with detection of rolling defects
  • Thermal and mechanical stability
  • Huge functionalities for system and temperature monitoring
  • Blue and green lasers to measure with best results on hot and cold surfaces
  • Perfectly capable for use in harsh conditions such as in rolling mills

The Contour Check inline measurement of long products has a number of applications. Profile measurement of all dimensional characteristics produced by the following manufacturing faults:

  • Roller offset, gap
  • Roller eccentricity
  • Over and under filling (one time and periodically)
  • Partial filled
  • Inhomogeneous material
  • Varying temperature distribution
  • Tinder and blisters
  • Roll strands
  • Cracks and broken out areas
  • Scoring
  • Symmetry control, out of square, out of hex, ovality

The CONTOUR CHECK measurement system contains the following and incudes the options:

  • Measurement frame with OPTARIS laser light sectioning sensors
  • Tempering device
  • Air flush device
  • PC cabinet with electronics
  • HMI – Software‚ RDMS CC‘
  • Optional: Client Desktop PC
  • Ethernet Interface TCP/IP to host computer (LAP Protocol) option: customer specific protocols and an interface to IBA AG data mining