Contour Check

Inline measurement of long products

Wire, rod, bar, tubes – CONTOUR CHECK is the solution for inline measurement of long products before, during or after rolling.  Profiles may be round, square or hexagonal, glowing, hot or cold – CONTOUR CHECK measures relevant dimensions, detects changes in shape, rolling defects and defects of surface.  The system provides warnings if tolerances are exceeded so that intervention is possible before scrap is produced.  Start-up times after product changes are reduced substantially by measuring from the first moment material comes through.

The right solution

CONTOUR CHECK provides all the information needed for fast and precise adjustment of rolling lines.  Depending on model, it can measure rounds, rebar, flats, squares, hexagons, L, U, T, & H shaped profiles or even rails.

Process optimisation and quality control

CONTOUR CHECK provides precise, detailed, reliable information delivered in real-time.

  • Real time process monitoring
  • Check dimensions and show trends
  • Detect rolling defects and offer solutions
  • Detect singular and periodic defects of surface
  • Connect several systems for comprehensive process analysis



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Contour Check benefits

  • Monitoring – Contour check shows you what happens in your production.  You can see trends, implement corrective action and check the impact before exceeding a limit.  If sudden errors occur, they are documented for later handling
  • Documentation – All data is recorded and saved to a database, giving access to parameters and measuring values for all jobs, batches and single products.
  • Quality – Deliver optimum quality and stand out from your competitors.  Quality equals saving money, as you increase efficiency and yield, and you reduce scrap as well as customer complaints.
  • Analysis – Use filed data for precise analysis of production parameters.  Save money by using the optimum parameter set.  Detect weaknesses before they have visible impact on your production.

The Contour Check inline measurement of long products has a number of applications. Profile measurement of all dimensional characteristics produced by the following manufacturing faults:

  • Roller offset, gap
  • Roller eccentricity
  • Over and under filling (one time and periodically)
  • Partial filled
  • Inhomogeneous material
  • Varying temperature distribution
  • Tinder and blisters
  • Roll strands
  • Cracks and broken out areas
  • Scoring
  • Symmetry control, out of square, out of hex, ovality