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Did you know that Scantron Ltd is SafeContractor Accredited? Through a strict step by step process, we are recognised as putting the health and safety of our employees first. SafeContractor is an accreditation provided by Alcumus, who are a leading provider of risk management, certification and accreditation services. The award is designed to show that we are a highly competent team and care about the wellbeing of those who work here, meeting the necessary requirements around health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practices. With over 33,000 members in the scheme through SafeContractor, we are pleased to be part of this elite group.

We hope that through achieving this status, it gives our clients the reassurance we’re compliant with health and safety to a set level of standards, taking our obligations seriously. As it is recognised by SSIP and service providers, it reduces the need for completing multiple pre-qualification assessments, keeping costs down and saving time. Find out more about the SafeContractor accreditation here 

You can view our certificate here:

SC Certificate – 07022022