Scantron Proscan DDMS Defect Detection Measurement System – using AI (Artificial Intelligence Software)

Everything needed to Detect and Measure Defects, using a unique revolutionary AI (Artificial Intelligence) software/algorithm

DDMS (Defect Detection Measuring System):

The DDMS is equipped with a high resolution camera mounted beside a displacement sensor on a carriage.

An ultra high definition camera is scanned over the entire surface of the component, taking images, identifying and recording the position of any defects in X and Y.

An evolutionary Artificial Intelligence software then examines all the defects and groups them into user defined categories. The sensor then measures the chosen defects, scans them for size and compares them with preprogrammed tolerance limits.

The system has been developed to find defects as small as a few microns, whilst the software can be taught to ignore dust particles or defects of no interest.

DDMS is a 4 axis scanning system built on a granite base. Linear drives are used to eliminate any vibrations. The granite table floats on three anti vibration air cylinders, whilst the whole system is housed in an aluminium framed enclosure to maintain a high quality environment.

The Proscan 3D Measurement Technique:

DDMS is equipped with a chromatic sensor with a resolution of 10nm, capable of taking 2000 measurements per second.

The X,Y,Z and W axis are all equipped with 0.1 micron resolution linear encoders.

This combination enables extremely high accuracy measurements with an excellent spatial resolution.

Repeatability of ± 20nm has been achieved in R & R studies.