Proform Software

Proform Software

Proform Software is a very powerful analysis tool for identifying the difference between two samples by overlaying their scans.  

  • Enables complex non geometric shapes to be compared without the need for careful mechanical referencing
  • Simple method of aligning the two sample scans in all planes
  • Calculates the amount and location of material lost in abrasion and erosion studies
  • Fully compatible with Proscan measurement files

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Ideally suited for applications where it is important to accurately determine the amount and location of material loss for wear or erosion studies.
The measurement data can be registered allowing the two surfaces to be easily and accurately aligned in all planes with the differences displayed in a number of different graphic displays.

Compatible with all PRS measurement files generated by the Proscan non-contact surface profilometer. The before and after data is imported allowing the sets of data to be registered without the need for the artifacts to be accurately datumed during the scanning stage.

ProForm by Scantron allows very accurate comparison of two scans.  The precise difference can be expressed in volume, maximum height difference and mean height difference.

In the case of wear analysis, ProForm interprets the exact amount of wear.  A speciment is scanned, subjected to wear and scanned again.  ProForm compares the two scans, zooming in to the resolution of the scan to match distinguishing features.

Once a distinguising feature is matched between the original and modified sample, this pivot point is fixed.  Once fixed, the modified scan is rotated over the original to obtain the best fit.  A three dimensional view can be toggled to match the two scans and a two dimensional cross-section in the X and Y axes is shown to assist very fine matching.

The software matches three selected areas of the mating surfaces automatically, displaying the accurate resultant difference as a three dimensional image.  ProForm includes the ability to manipulate scans manually, giving full control of the image in all three axes

  • Dental
  • Tribology
  • Morphing
  • Wear analysis
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Medical
  • Mechanical wear
  • Gaskets