SLS Laser Phase Shift Measurement

Scantron SLS

Scantron SLS Laser Distance Measurement Sensor 

The Scantron SLS is a laser phase shift distance sensor for very long standoff monitoring applications. The SLS laser distance measurement sensor is designed for mobile and stationary distance measurement in an industrial environment and provides precise millimetre measurement for a range of surfaces.

The SLS works based on comparative phase measurement. To achieve this, it emits visible laser beams in different frequencies. The target being measured returns diffusely reflected light that is subsequently compared with a reference signal. Finally, a microprocessor uses the recorded phase shift to calculate a required distance with mm accuracy.

The sensor SLS distinguishes itself through high precision as well as independence of the surface of the measured object. The red, well visible, laser beam allows for simple alignment. It’s simple to set up, with stable and efficient housing and can be used in a number of ways; for position control, crane and conveyor supervision and supervision of security-relevant parts amongst them.

We have a range of options available and can create a custom laser distance measurement sensor solution for you for bespoke applications.  Contact the Scantron team to find out more.

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ApplicationDistance measurement for solid surfaces without reflector
Measuring Range0.1m up to 30m at natural surfaces, depending on target reflectance more than 100m possible
Measuring Accuracy±3mm (+15oC up to +30oC) ±5mm (-10oC up to +50oC ±2mm under defined measuring conditions
Resolution0.1mm, user scalable
Measuring rate0.16 up to 6s setup or auto mode DT 0.1s mode DW at white surface
Laser ClassLaser Class 2, ≤ 1mW IEC 825-1/EN 60825
Laser Divergence0,6 mrad
Wavelength650nm, visible
Data InterfaceRS232 C or RS422, 2400 up to 38400 Baud, ASCII, 8N1
Operating ModeDistance tracking, single part measurement, alien trigger mode
Analogue OutputCurrent output 4mA to 20mA, load resistance ≤500Ω, programmable distance range limits, measuring accuracy ±0.15%, temperature drift: <50PPM/ o C
Switching Output“High-side” switch, rated for max. load of 0.5A, programmable switching threshold and hysteresis
Trigger InputProgrammable trigger sidewall and delay, trigger impulse max 24V
Supply Voltage10 up to 30V direct current
Consumption<1.5W (<0,4W in stand-by mode)
Operating TemperatureFrom -10 o C up to +50 o C
Storage TemperatureFrom -40 o C up to +70 o C
Dimensions212 x 96 x 50mm (LxBxH)
WeightApprox. 850g
Protection ClassIP65
EMVEN61000-6-2 and EN55011
  • Millimetre precise measurement at various surfaces
  • Long range reflector-less distance measurement, with additional reflectors1 mounted onto target for objects over 100m
  • High availability under in the high temperature area with high precision and large supply voltage range 10V – 30V DC
  • Laser class 2
  • Simple alignment with a visible laser
  • Bi-directional data-interface, switching and analogue output
  • Simple setup for parameter with a PC or laptop
  • Measured values are displayed in meters, decimetre, centimetre, feet, inch… and different resolutions due to free scaling
  • Stable and simple to installing housing with protection IP 65
  • Profibus DP via UNIGATE Gateway
  • Supervision of crane and conveyors
  • Distance and position measurement
  • Supervision of security-relevant parts
  • Supervision of walking beam systems / stroke length measurement / position of lifts
  • Position control
  • Diameter measurement of coils
  • Extended cables and connectors
  • Profibus gateways
  • Protection housing (up to IP69K)
  • Protection housing thermal protection
  • Self adhhesive reflective targets
  • Multiple protective windows for various applications
  • Grey filters