Online wire diameter measurement for the wire industry

Wireline.XY is a proven laser diameter micrometer, optimised for the wire industry, for measurement of the finished diameter and ovality of drawn wire. This can be copper wire or cable, welding wire, steel tyre wire, etc, or even other small diameter products such as thin filament or medical suture. Tolerance alarms allow the drawing to be halted to prevent production with excessive die-wear.

  • Diameter 0.04 to 32 mm
  • Resolution from 0.01 µm
  • Accuracy better than 0.5 µm
  • Repeatability 0.15 µm
  • Metre counter input
  • Optional statistical reporting on spools
  • Wireline.XY is proven to work on wet or dry drawing machines
  • 100% quality control
  • Range of optional accessories for wire-drawing – air-purge protective windows or wire-cleaning for example – for a complete turnkey measuring system

Aerol laser diameter micrometers

  • 3-year warranty
  • Low sensitivity to vibration owing to exceptional single scan repeatability
  • Excellent dust resistance
  • Easy-to-use product library with programmed tolerances
  • In-built thermal compensation and self-mastering protocols
  • Networking ability via Ethernet, even for multiple gauges, to a single computer program
  • Data-logging with PC software
  • Unique expertise – as a specialist laser micrometer manufacturer, Aeroel have unsurpassed know-how and experience in laser diameter measurement

Scantron works extensively with AEROEL systems and can create custom online diameter measurement solutions to suit your bespoke requirements. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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The Wireline family of laser diameter micrometers has been specifically designed for on-line use in the Wire Industry, to measure the finished diameter and the ovality of drawn wire. The dual axis gauge provides 100% dimensional monitoring and length & weight calculation; the machine can be stopped when the wire reaches the pre-set limits as well as tolerance alarm generation. A detailed statistical report of measured product dimensions can be printed for every spool. No other system offers the simplicity or the performance of the Wireline. The Wireline systems are a product family from almost 20 years experience of producing laser diameter gauges for on-line process monitoring. Improve your process efficiency by using the Wireline.

Gauge ModelXLS13XY/480/AXLS35XY/480/A
Measuring field(mm)13 x 1335 x 35
Measurable diameters(mm)0.1 – 100.2 – 32
Resolution (selectable)(μm)10 / 1 / 0.1 / 0.0110 / 1 / 0.1 / 0.01
Linearity (centered product)(μm)± 0.5± 1
Linearity (full range)(μm)± 1.5± 2.5
Linearity (reduced field)(μm)± 1± 1.5
Repeatability (T=1s, ±2σ)(μm)± 0.15± 0.3
Single shot repeatability (±2σ)(μm)± 1± 3.5
Beam spot size (s,l)(mm)0.1 x 40.2 x 4
Scanning frequency(Hz)480 (X) x 480 (Y)480 (X) x 480 (Y)
Scanning speed(m/s)156288
Gauge thermal coefficient(μm/m°C)-18-18.4
Dimensions(mm)204 x 137 x 49352.5 x 258.2 x 72
  • Self-calibration ensures drift free measurement and puts an end to re-calibration procedures that are required with other gauges
  • Measurement technology is insensitive to wire vibration
  • Special protective brackets are available along with air blowing rings enabling gauge operation even in the Dry Draw application in excess of 40 days without cleaning
  • Calculation of weight and the length of a spool, with the facility to stop the machine when limits are reached
  • Rugged construction means years and years of trouble free operation even in harsh environments backed by a 3 year warranty
  • Product library means that new jobs can be set up in 2-3 seconds with no need to programme the nominal size or tolerance limits
  • 100% inspection means reduced scrap and improved efficiency


  • The contactless gauging technology makes possible online application: the 100% checking enables the production of wire diameter without faults, eliminating any risk of rejects or complaints
  • Labour costs can be greatly reduced and it is possible to use drawing machines with automatic collection reel change, as continuous monitoring replaces the handmade sampling at the end of each spool
  • Where heavy reels of high-carbon steel are produced, continuous monitoring is absolutely essential: the service life of the die and the tight diameter tolerances make it intolerable to check only the end of the reel
  • The better accuracy in diameter and area gauging, achieved by using a dual axis gauge, allows a further reduction of tolerances, especially for products whose dimensional uniformity may be an additional competitive advantage
  • Dust protective bracket to install the gauge on dry drawing benches, where soap and iron dust can strongly affect the easuring accuracy and blind the sensor in a short time
Online measurement of drawn wire in all enviroments and conditions such as:-
  • steel wire for tyres
  • copper wire for electric cables
  • CO2 welding wire
The Dust Protection

It is a well known fact that a major obstacle in expanding online diameter measurement practice in the Wire Industry is the dust sensitivity of all optical instruments which jeopardises applications on dry drawing benches where soap and iron dust can strongly affect the measuring accuracy and blind the sensor in a short time.
Based on a “self-cleaning” concept, the new pneumatic protection system has been designed to fit the gauge onto dry drawing machines, where the soap dust is a serious problem for every optical instrument. Extensive on-field tests have proven that, using this new bracket, several weeks of uninterrupted operation can be expected, without any need for gauge cleaning, even on most critical situations, where previous systems would have lasted only a few hours.

The basic package includes the following functions:

  • Display of the measured diameter and the shift from the nominal diameter
  • Computes the (X+Y)/2 Avg. Diameter and (X-Y) Ovality
  • 3 measured values can be simultaneously displayed on the screen
  • Programmable alarms and pre-alarms for out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Library for 1000 different products, retrievable directly by the operator
  • Possibility of entering a password to restrict the programming functions to authorized personnel
  • Ethernet / Rs232 interface for remote programming or data retrieval. Several systems can be connected to a unique computer, on the same Ethernet line
  • Multi-lingual menus (Italian, English, French and German)
  • Selectable measuring units (mm or inches) and resolution
  • Pre-programmed factory set-up to facilitate installation and start-up of the system

The additional weight measuring module (Option 1) features the following functions:

  • It computes and displays the length and the weight of the drawn wire
  • Stop and slow-down signals at the pre-set weight or length
  • Printing of the length and weight of each spool
  • Programmable operational modes (start/stop/reset) to facilitate the interfacing with a coiling machine

The additional Statistics module (Option 2) offers the following functions:

  • Recording and printing of the maximum, minimum and average values
  • Spool length printing
  • Calculation of standard deviation and Cp and Cpk values
  • The data acquisition interval can be selected manually from the keyboard or automatically from a Start/Stop input
  • Programmable limits for filtering abnormal readings arising from anomalous working condition
  • All listings show the date and time
  • Identification of operator, machine and type of product
  • Progressive numbering of the reel
  • Downloading of the statistical reports to a remote PC, via Ethernet or RS232 lines