Complete profile measurement with exacting inline measurement technology

Using innovative ideas, RDMS raises the bar in inline measurement technology. The requirements are always different: The measurement of complete profiles is not necessarily required in all places. Especially for intermediate and feeder sizes, the measurement of one or two diameters is often sufficient.

To optimise the finishing rolling with today’s complex requirements, complete profile measurement and un-delayed on-line display of the results is imperative.

With RDMS you can achieve:

  • The true shape of wire rod and most bar shapes such as rounds, squares, flats, and hexagons can be measured
  • Optional software extensions for rebar or products that are rolled in 3-roll technology are available
  • Not only the main dimensions, ovality and profile are measured; cross rolls, roll eccentricity, roll wear, roll break as well as influence of tensile forces can easily be determined
  • Through sophisticated data evaluation with comprehensive graphical displays including trend analysis the operator can quickly take corrective action on imminent tolerance deviations specific and before production is affected
  • Run-in times after changes of size or steel grade are cut because there is no more need to sample and mike manually
  • The time for adjusting the rolling parameters can be drastically reduced; often the rolling time of the first billet is already sufficient
  • The entire rolling train from roughing mill to the cooling bed can be monitored by installing multiple networked systems
  • 100% quality control and documentation is ensured by storing of all relevant data

If you’d like to find out how RDMS can be used for profile measurement or to discuss a bespoke solution for rod and tube inline measurement, contact us.

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Detectable shapesrdms4rdms5rdms6
Number of axes1, 2, (4)2, 4, (6)3, 4, 6
Scan field0-90 oder 0-180mm0-90 oder 0-180mm0-90 oder 0-180mm
Measuring rateDisplay rate: 2/s50/s400/s
VisualizationNumerical display-IPC in control cabinet
Data concentrator-SoftwareHardware
Number of possible clients-410
Air supply unitBlower and suction filterBlower and suction filterBlower and suction filter
Asymmetric profile identification--X
Data base-0X
Alarm report-XX
Uninterruptible power supply-0X
Temperature monitoring-0X
KOCKS – 3-roll-reducing/sizing technology--X
SWING – angular adjustable measuring position-0X
REBAR – ribbed steel--X
FFT / Histogram--X
Upgradable / scalableXXX
X Serial
O Optional
  • Measurement of key dimensions to complete profile measurement
  • Digital readout to multifunctional data acquisition and monitoring software
  • Single sensors to networked multi-gauge head systems
  • Fully scalable and easily upgradeable. The system cost is adapted to the requirements for every version and the system can grow with increasing demands of the production
  • Highest accuracy of all versions
  • Static sensors
  • Extremely rugged, maintenance-free gauge heads
  • Combined air purge and cooling
  • Interference-proof signal transmission
  • Easy installation and operation
  • High reliability

RDMS inline laser measurement for rods and tubes is a simple gauge for measurement of a number of key dimensions, including:

  • Wire rod
  • Tubes
  • Bars: round, square, flats, hexagon
  • Special rolling technologies like 3-roll stands
  • Profiles with asymmetric fill, rebar

Should the requirements increase, the system can be upgraded at any time to the up-scale versions.

Large Scale Options

Tiltable measuring frame: Measurement angle and operating modes are software controlled: stationary operation, twist tracking, cyclic or permanent movement.

Software module to determine the diameter across the ribs of rebar using an intelligent filter algorithm. Depending on the rebar size and type, also core diameter and rib height can be measured and the weight per length computed.

System expansion for 3-roll-reducing/sizing technology. A system with 3 or 6 axes in combination with specific software ensures the precise measurement of contour and ovality using the patented 3-point method (US Patent 6,549,293 B2, German Patent 100 23172.1). Asymmetric contours and 3-lobed shapes are detected and measured precisely.

Advanced archiving of dimensions and relevant process data using a powerful SQL data base. Depth and duration of the data storage can be easily selected by adjusting parameters.