Online measurement and process feedback for products with square or rectangular cross-section

The Quadraline.XY is a laser system designed for control of dimensions of products with rectangular cross-section, such as ribbon cable, surgical tapes, plastic or metal section. Automatic regulation of the process is possible, with two independent channels.

  • Dimensions 0.1 to 32 mm, depending on model
  • Resolution from 0.01 µm
  • Repeatability from 2 µm
  • Automated in-process regulation of extrusion head/capstan
  • Optional statistical reporting
  • Metre counter input
  • Tolerance alarms
  • 100% quality control
  • Oscillating fixture to take measurement even with suboptimal product alignment

Scantron has worked with Aeroel systems for many years and has complete trust in the laser micrometer manufacturer’s expertise in the field of diameter measurement.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Low sensitivity to vibration owing to exceptional single scan repeatability
  • Excellent dust resistance
  • In-built thermal compensation and self-mastering protocols
  • Networking ability via Ethernet, even for multiple gauges, to a single computer program
  • Data-logging with PC software
  • Unique expertise – as a specialist laser micrometer manufacturer, Aeroel have unsurpassed know-how and experience in laser diameter measurement

 If you’d like to find out more about the Quadraline.XY laser system for products with square or rectangular cross-sections, or to learn about other AEROEL solutions from Scantron, get in touch.

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Gauge ModelXLS13XY/1200/A XLS35XY/1200/B
Measuring Field (mm)13 x 1335 x 35
Measurable Dimensions (mm) 0.1 ÷ 10 0.3 ÷ 30
Resolution (selectable) (μm) 10 / 1 / 0.1 / 0.01 10 / 1 / 0.1 / 0.01
Repeatability (T=1s, ±3S) (μm) ± 2 ± 3.5
Linearity (centred product) (μm) ± 5 ± 10
Scanning Rate (Hz) 1200 (X) x 1200 (Y) 1200 (X) x 1200 (Y)
Scanning Speed (m/s)65120
Laser SourceVLD (Visible Laser Diode); L= 650nm
Operating Temperature Range (°C) 0 ÷ 50 0 ÷ 50
Thermal Coefficient (μm/mm°C) - 0.0180 - 0.0184
Dimensions (gauge only) (mm)292 x 137 x 49352.5 x 258.2 x 72
Weight (gauge only) (kg)2.55.8
  • No scrap: the real time inspection allows the system to detect out-of-tolerance trends and return the product back within specification, avoiding any risk of rejects or complaints
  • Saving in materials: by keeping the product close to the lowest tolerance limit, considerable savings in materials can be achieved, thus allowing the cost of the system to be paid back in just a few months
  • Labour savings: the reliable and effective automatic control means the task of the extruder operator is made lighter
  • Quality Certification: the 100% inspection makes random sample checks redundant and allows the printing of detailed reports to prove product quality
  • Really efficient online: the automatic oscillation of the gauge guarantees the correct measurements when the product section is not aligned with the laser beam axis
  • Straightforward operation: guided menus ensure maximum ease of usage, even for untrained staff
  • Thanks to factory pre-programming, Quadraline is immediately operative in its most basic functions
  • Competitive price: the favourable cost/benefits ratio ensures a short payback time
  • 3 years guarantee: the high standards of components and the solid state laser source warrant long operational life
  • Made in Europe: Quadraline complies with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union

The Quadraline system is based on a dual-axis laser gauge installed on-line, which measures the external dimensions of the product along 2 directions at 90°. In such a way it is possible to measure both the height and the width, provided that the measuring directions are aligned along the axes of the rectangular cross section of the product. In addition, to avoid the small and random twisting of the product around its axis which may affect the gauging accuracy, special filtering software saves and processes only the minimum values of the readings for each axis; these are exactly the true dimensions being gauged.

Should it be impossible to keep the product alignment, it is possible to mount the gauge on a special oscillating fixture (±5° max.) to guarantee that the two minimum values corresponding to the section dimension are always detected, whatever the orientation of the product section. The fixture is powered by standard compressed air and the cycle time and the span angle can be easily adjusted by the operator.  A limit switch provides the synchronisation between the measuring period and the oscillation cycle.

The signals from the laser gauge are processed by the software which constantly compares the measured values with the nominal set-points entered by the operator. If the actual dimensions of the product tend to go outside the pre-set limits, the software automatically corrects the machine, to keep the product in tolerance.

When working on rolling machines, 2 independent feedback loops are available to adjust the distance between the roll pairs that drive H and W dimensions. The results of measurement during manufacturing can be stored in memory and processed to produce the fully-detailed statistical reports required for quality certification.

The Quadraline system uses dual-axis Xactum Laser Gauges.

The Basic system is composed of:

  • XLS13XY or XLS35XY Xactum Laser Gauge
  • CE-100, Operator’s Interface Panel, 19” Rack mount version
  • Quadraline software (basic module) pre-installed in the gauge
  • 5m long connecting cable

Some options and accessories available to complete the system are:

  • Oscillating fixture to mount the gauge
  • Supplementary software for machine regulation and/or statistical reporting
  • Electronic and/or motor driven potentiometer for interface with the machine
  • Proximity switches for length counting
  • Telescopic stand for laser gauge
  • Protective bracket for the gauge with pressurising facility
  • High pressure centrifugal blower
  • Extension cables