Plastic, Rubber and Glass Tube

Online glass tube diameter, wall thickness and concentricity measurement

The extrusion of tubes for medical applications (e.g. perfluoroalkoxy or silicone rubber) requires a high level of quality and traceability. One of the defects that can affect the quality of tubular products is the non-uniformity of wall thickness across the cross-section. Here, Scantron’s non-contact plastic, rubber and glass tube measurement solutions are invaluable.

Contactless online measurement of tubes

Scantron offers completely contactless online measurement of transparent or semi-transparent plastic tube to provide valuable information on concentricity, wall thickness, inner diameter and outer diameter. We can measure the wall thickness at various positions around the product diameter to maximise accuracy and information, with live display and graphical representation of thickness data. There are many other proven applications for this technology, including the measurement of glass vials and cylinders on process lines.

It is even possible to measure the thickness of each individual layer with multilayer tubes. The non-contact measuring system is based on low coherence interferometry – the latest measuring solution available on the market to optically measure thickness of samples with complex structures.

Layers of different materials generate an optical reflection at the interfaces owing to the difference in the refractive index of each layer, or air gap. The optical head collects all the reflections that are mixed together with embedded optics: the resulting signal will contain information about the position of each reflection. Signal processing allows the reconstruction of the material through-profile.

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  • Wall thickness measurement bands from 0.05 – 1.8mm to 0.15 – 4mm depending on type and product requirement
  • Tube outer diameter range from 2 – 24mm
  • Easy working distance adjustment
  • Measurement rate 300Hz
  • Uncertainty <2µm
  • RS485 and TCP-IP I/O
  • Online control of glass or polymer tubing wall thickness, outer diameter, inner diameter and concentricity depending on set-up
  • Data-logging for product line
  • Live display of product cross-section
  • Time trend charts to check for drift in production
  • Adjustable working distance for multiple tube profiles
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Medical tubing in plastic or glass
  • Feed tubing
  • Membrane or filter thickness
  • Wall thickness or base thickness of glass vials to check tolerance and look for weak points
  • Desktop rapid thickness checking station

Do you need a custom solution or a more tailored set up for plastic, rubber and glass tube measurement? We have various sensors and multi-head set-ups available depending on desired information and product dimensions. Please call or email us to discuss your specific requirements.