Offline Tube & Sheet Measurement

Offline Tube and Sheet Measurement

Non-contact offline tube sheet measurement for laboratories

Scantron has a range of solutions for offline tube sheet measurement including custom options to suit specific products and measurements. Our offline tube sheet measurement solutions offer the same commitment to excellence as our other non-contact surface measurement systems and can be used across a range of application types and materials.

Transparent, semi-transparent and soft materials can be difficult to quality check and control.  Scantron can offer non-contact sensors and standalone benchtop systems. These allow for quick and easy laboratory quality control and certification to be performed across a number of products within the laboratory environment.

Offline measurement of thickness for transparent materials

With our low-coherence interferometry sensors, measurement can be performed on materials such as polymer membranes, silicone rubber tubing, glass vials, lenses, thin films, simple tubes, or multilayer and multi-lumen tubes. This can be achieved with rotary, static or scanning fixtures, and software is provided for programming the sensor’s working parameters as well as displaying measurements and statistics on the part.

Tube and Sheet Measurement Example

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  • Thickness ranges for various product dimensions and product types

*0.005 – 0.1 mm

*0.018 – 0.38 mm

*0.05 – 1.8 mm

*0.15 – 4 mm

  • Measurement rate up to 330 Hz
  • Uncertainty <2 µm
  • Scantron offline tube sheet measurement sensors and systems are suitable for use when measurement of monolayer or multilayer glass or polymer sheet thickness is required
  • Measurement of tube outer diameter and wall thickness
  • Bespoke non-contact tube sheet measurement solutions available dependent on product dimension and requirements
  • Data-logging for product
  • Easy-to-use software included

• Tubing
• Lenses
• Thin films
• Membrane or filter thickness
• Desktop rapid thickness checking station for any kind of transparent/semi-transparent product

Various sensors and set-ups are available depending on desired information and product dimensions. Please enquire by phone or email to discuss specific requirements.