Mini SLR

Bidirectional speed/length measurement

The SLR mini series gauges offer speed and length measurement for bidirectional production lines. The gauge senses the direction of motion and will automatically increment or decrement the length accordingly. SLR mini gauges are thus suitable for production lines that undergo direction reversals or stationary (zero speed) periods.

The SLR mini series of laser speed and length gauges provide highly-accurate, non-contact speed and length measurement. Compared to traditional contact wheel encoders, SLR mini non-contact speed and length gauges offer the following advantages:

  • Capable of measurement at much higher speeds and accelerations
  • No slippage
  • Greater accuracy
  • No wear or damage to the measured object
  • Solid state design results in higher reliability and MTBF

RS-232 and Ethernet communication interfaces are installed as standard for straightforward connection to computers or PLCs. One optional industrial standard communication interface (PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP or DeviceNET; replaces the standard Ethernet interface) may also be installed in the gauge.

User configurable digital inputs are provided as standard to reset gauge measurements and trigger printing. User configurable digital outputs are provided as standard to signal gauge status and pre-set length reached.

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Specification - Zero-speed and bidirectionalUnitsSLR1220SLR3060
Minimum speedm/min00
Maximum speedm/min±5000±5000
Nominal stand-off distancemm120300
Depth of fieldmm2060

All Models above have the following Specifications:

AccuracyMaximum 0.05%
RepeatabilityMaximum 0.02%
Maximum acceleration>1000
Internal measurement rate200kHz
Measurement update time200 kHz internal and 20µs at the outputs
Power requirement24Vdc, 8 Watts
Protection ratingIP67 (harsher envoronments possible with an optional environmental enclosure)
Operating temperature5° ~ 45°C (higher temperatures possible with an optional environmental enclosure)
Gauge dimensionsL x W x H 140 x 105 x 50mm
Laser beam diameter4mm
Laser safety classificationClass 3B
Diagnostic displayIntegrated LCD
Pulse outputs2xpluse outputs or 1xquadrature output, freely programmable, pulse rate <1mhz
Digital inputsLaser enable; Shutter enable; 3 programmable inputs
Digital outputsShutter status; 2 programmable outputs
Standard communications interfacesRS-232; Ethernet TCP/IP (Mopdbus protocol)
Display communicationsProton CANbus for optional SiDi-CDI interface display
Optional communications interfaces
(replaces Ethernet TCP/IP interface)
  • Non-contact, high-speed, solid-state laser speed and length measurement with no slippage, drift, mechanical wear or maintenance compared with contact wheel/roller systems
  • Bidirectional speed and length measurement; accurately measures speed and length during line stoppage, reversal and creepage
  • Ultra-compact design with a footprint comparable to a smartphone
  • Optimised for sheet material and converting applications
  • UKAS-traceable calibration; accuracy bettter than 0.05% and repeatability better than 0.02%
  • Rugged industrial design for use in facory environments
  • Avaliable fitted with industry-standard communications interfaces for easy integration with PLCs and production line equipment
  • Excellent value with low cost of ownership

The miniSLR is a very versatile piece of equipment and is suitable for a wide range of applications.
Here’s a short list of some of the industries where our customers have benefited from our non-contact laser measurement systems:

  • Flooring and carpet
  • Abrasive paper
  • Roof foil
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cold metal
  • Paper
  • Packaging material
  • Construction & insulation material
  • Special extrusion and calendaring
  • Ceramics
  • Cord, lead
  • Stranded products
  • Insulated products

The following are some of the applications covered:

aig2-sl1AiG2-SL/SLR - Display module
Connects via the CANbus port
Displays measured speed and length
Provides menu-based settings of all parameters
Bright VFD dot matrix display
aig2-panel-mount-kitAiG2 Panel Mount Kit
Bracket for mounting the AiG2 to an end-user panel
can-bus-cableCAN-bus cable - for connecting the gauge via a PSU-BOB mini to a CDi interface display unit
Available in 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 and 100m lengths
pcis-slPCIS SL/SLR mini - PC Interface Software
PC-based software package
User-friendly graphical user interface
Displays all measurements
Provides menu-based setting of all parameters
Provides trending, data logging, presets and alarms
Gauge to PC connection via RS-232
mini-bobPSU-BOB mini - Power supply, break-out box and laser safety key switch
Connects via the DB25 “INTERFACE” connector
Supplies 24VDC electrical power to the gauge
Provides screw terminal access to all electrical input and output pins
Provides DB9 connectors for access to the CANbus, RS232 and optional industrial bus communications ports
Provides a RJ45 connector access to the ethernet port
End user cables are sealed with three cable glands
Provides a laser enable key switch for compliance with laser safety requirements
Input voltage range: 90 – 260VAC @ 45 – 65Hz
db25-cableDB25 Cable - For connecting the gauge "INTERFACE" port to a PSU-BOB mini
Available in 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30m lengths
terminal-expanderTerminal Expander - Gauge-mounted break-out bos
Connects the DB25 “INTERFACE” connector
Provides DB9 connector access to the RS-232, CANbus, Ethernet or optional industrial bus communications ports
Provides screw terminal access to all electrical input and output pins
End user cables are sealed with cable glands
industrial-busIndustrial Bus Module - For connecting the gauge to industrial communications buses, such as used with PLCs
May be retrofitted
Protocols: DeviceNET; PROFIBUS; PROFINET; EtherNet/IP
base-plateBase Plate
For securing a SL/SLR mini gauge to a mounting surface
vibration-reducingVibration Reducing Kit
For use with the above Base Plate in high-vibration environments
3d-adjuster3D Adjuster Plate
For use with the above Base Plate for precision alignment of the SL/SLr mini gauge to the measured object
Provides ±3o of roll and yaw adjustment
enclosure-tubeLaser Protection Tube for SL/SLR mini 1220
Enclosure of the laser beam to within 10mm of the object for laser safety and harsh environments
laser-protection-tubeLaser Protection Tube for SL/SLR mini 3060
Enclosure of the laser beam to within 10mm of the object for laser safety and harsh environments
air-wipeAir Wipe
High-efficiency, air-wiped protection window for dusty/steamy environments with a quick-change window release mechanism
Provides an 8mm push fit tube fitting to connection to a clean air sourc
cooling-plateCooling Plate
Air or water cooled plate for installation between the gauge and mounting surface
For use in ambient temperatures up to 60°C