Hot Metal

The Contour Check series of gauges presents a range of turnkey systems that enable full online measurement of aspects such as diameter, shape or defects regarding metal production. This is accomplished through either the shadowing or light-sectioning measuring principles. This exhibits high accuracy and measuring frequency to guarantee precision and confidence in the system for all quality purposes.

Gauges have been equipped with intelligent software that contributes to their ability to identify, classify and acknowledge specific defects in production or rolling and is designed to alert operators to act fast to solve such production issues before they result in product scrappage. Diagnosable rolling defects include roller offset, shift, eccentricity, over and under filling, partial fill, inhomogeneous material, varying temperature distribution, blisters, roll strands, cracks and broken out areas, scoring and symmetry control which could be considered out of square, out of hex or ovality.

Air service units are used to cool and stabilise the gauge in even the most aggressive hot rolling mill environment to ensure that there is no risk of overheating, and stabilising the internal systems to the ideal temperature. This ability to successfully operate in such harsh conditions is critical towards getting the best out of your production and establishing continuing profitability. Contour Check can measure diameters and dimensions up to 500mm with accuracies in the tens of microns. This assures and delivers rapid process feedback and correction (if need be) in addition to reducing waste and scrap.