LD Series

LD Series Laser

The LD laser series comes from LAP-Laser, one of the pioneers in laser technology for industrial measuring purposes. The LD series laser is just one in the Scantron range of laser systems for industrial applications – we also stock a HD laser, an ULTRALINE series laser, a UD series laser and an FD series laser. We’re happy to advise on the right laser for your industrial non-contact surface measurement needs – simply get in touch with us to find out more.

LD laser series performance

Due to manual focussing from 30mm to ∞, an extremely fine laser line can be achieved at any working distance. This makes the LD laser the right choice for applications with changing working distances and projection positions. Flexibility is supported by the small housing, allowing the laser to be easily fixed on machines or rails.

This is a high precision laser, focusable and reverse polarity protected. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications with Scantron clients putting this particular laser to use in a number of ways including in the alignment of workpieces and machines, to sense material irregularities during production, on product assembly lines to ensure consistency and reduce wastage and as imaging aids.

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Line Lasers
Laser PowerProductLaser ClassLine Length
1mW1 LDL1up to 1
3mW3 LDL1up to 2
5mW5 LDL1up to 4
10mW10 LDL1up to 6
15mW15 LDL2up to 10
30mW30 LDL2Mup to 20
Cross Lasers
Laser PowerProductLaser ClassLine Length
1mW1 LDX160cm/90cm
3mW3 LDX160cm/90cm
5mW5 LDX260cm/90cm
10mW10 LDX2M60cm/90cm
15 mW15 LDX2M60cm/90cm
30 mW30 LDX2M60cm/90cm
Point Lasers
Laser PowerProductLaser Class
1mW1 LDP2
3mW3 LDP3R
5mW5 LDP3R
10mW10 LDP3B
15mW15 LDP3B
30mW30 LDP3B
  • Focusable
  • Point, line, cross
  • Smallest housing
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Available opening angles line: 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 80° (standard)
  • Available opening angles cross: 38°, 62° (standard)
  • Alignment of workpieces or machines
  • Sensing material irregularity
  • Automotive panel alignment
  • Textiles Industry
  • Product assembly lines
  • Imaging aids
ud1Connector 5V

Connector for 5V lasers with flying leads, M8, 3 core
Power Supply 5V

Power supply for 5V laser

Most simple bracket
One degree of freedom: turn laser around longitudinal axis

Simple bracket
Two degrees of freedom: turn laser around longitudinal axis, tilt laser

Ball head bracket
Four degrees of freedom: turn laser around longitudinal axis, tilt up/down, turn right/left, roll right/left

Bracket for mounting on precision tube
Four degrees of freedom: turn laser around longitudinal axis, tilt laser, move laser left/right by vernier, turn laser 5° around vertical axis by vernier