Precision measurement and defect detection for aerospace

As a market leader in non-contact surface measurement and defect detection for the aerospace industry, Scantron is uniquely experienced in delivering bespoke solutions and products for aerospace applications.

Scantron supplies Aeroel micrometers, which offer best-in-class precision for process measurement of additive manufacture wire, fibre, strip or tows. The self-calibrating nature of the gauges make them an ideal solution for long-term production monitoring and control or feedback. In addition, there are a variety of data storage and networking options available. We have supplied Wireline, Xploreline and Quadraline gauges for various applications within aerospace projects.

The HWS.2 ‘Handy Wire Scanner’ gauge also offers portable, handheld, quick and easy measurement with a green LED scanning technology with high versatility with a lower cost of ownership. This gauge transmits data wirelessly and can be used throughout a facility to check multiple lines in a short space of time. It is the first hand-held optical micrometer to use contactless technology.

Our preferred Aeroel micrometers for aerospace can also be used for precision mechanical components like bearings, bushings and pins, either on or offline. The extremely high tolerances of these components can only be achieved when compensating ambient temperature changes and the product’s own thermal expansion coefficients with the gauges’ patented NO-VAR protocol. Measurements of component straightness, run-out and roundness are also feasible.

Measurement of surface finish and condition can be carried out with the Proscan range of systems. Proscan 2100 allows for rapid measurement of roughness or surface wear, for example on the leading edge of turbine blades. The Scantron Proscan DDMS (Defect Detection and Measurement System) is particularly well suited to use within the aerospace industry. It can automatically locate surface defects and measure them individually without operator involvement and influence.

In addition, Scantron’s expertise and over 35 years of experience, combined with the customer’s knowledge of their business niche and requirements, can result in bespoke systems for any application.

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