Scantron can offer a wide array of industrial measurement options for accurate measurement of distance/displacement.  The ATLAS, POLARIS and ANTARIS series of laser triangulation gauges are robustly designed for the steel mill environment and offer ideal solutions for measurement systems in those environments. High frequency measurement of distance can be useful for monitoring of equipment or products, or alternately integrated into a larger system for applications such as flatness, thickness, width or length measurement. ATLAS provides a short standoff, compact gauge solution, and ANTARIS is the choice for long standoff measurement on hot materials.

Philtec fibre optic sensors are a specialist solution for high frequency, compact measurement in small spaces. Examples of applications have included high frequency vibration analysis, measurement of clearance of turbine blades in an engine, and measurement of deflection in an MRI scanner, in vacuum, when the magnetic field is turned on. Various models with and without reflectance compensation can be offered. A suite of options allowed use of the sensors on cryogenic, pressurised, or vacuum environments.

The Scantron SLS phase shift sensor is a proven option for millimetre-precise measurement of distance over long ranges. Applications include structural monitoring, vehicle height checks or detection, supervision of lifts, platforms and cranes, diameter measurement of metal coils, and other large-scale tasks.