14 Tonne Proscan Magnum Packing And Shipping – Time Lapse

Our largest machine to date. 12 Tonnes of granite, the steel frame and all of its added mechanical and electronic parts being removed from our manufacturing facility, packed into a seaworthy crate and finally being loaded on to the back of the wagon to start its long journey to India.

Proscan Magnum

Our new Proscan Magnum with linear drives covering a scanning area of 4 m x 2.5 m

Proscan 3D Line

Defect Detection and Measurement system for extruded material. The system is capable to take in excess of 1 million measurements per second to micron resolution.


Defect Detection and measurement System for metal surfaces capable of picking up defects of microns size at a speed of in excess of 1 million measurement point per second.